Wilson Park


Wilson Park is a moderate density neighborhood. There are many older Tudor-style houses in the eastern section of the neighborhood. The home architectural styles for the rest of Wilson Park include Cape Cods, colonial, and ranch houses. Most of the streets are winding, with only a few following a rectangular grid. The business corridors are on South 27th Street and along Layton Avenue. The significant green area for the neighborhood is a 76-acre park, additionally called Wilson Park. The park includes a structure, baseball ruby, tot lot/play location, and a little organization ruby. Simply west of the park is an additional recreational area that houses the Wilson Ice Field, Wilson Recreational Center, and the Wilson Pool. There are various other eco-friendly rooms in the area that are associated with organizations or metropolitan services.


The park became an important site at the end of World War 2 when returning GIs and their family members required housing. In late 1946, the state legislature enacted the Veteran’s Housing Project that allowed Milwaukee County to enter the field of housing where the park commission could now handle land acquisition and site development. To meet the need for immediate housing, the commission put trailers in parks that offered swimming pools, such as at Kosciuszko Park. In addition, the commission purchased hundreds of prefabricated homes. From the late 1940s into the mid-1950s, over 900 trailer homes and over 700 prefabricated structures were placed in Wilson Park, serving approximately 5,000 families. Neighborhood population growth The Wilson Park community was likewise acquiring residents outside the park. By 1949, the location of Wilson Park that had currently been annexed by the City of Milwaukee had almost 250 homes, with many houses incomplete. Most of the settlers were Polish, with some Germans, and a scattering of Irish, Greeks, Canadians, Serbs, Bohemians, and Norwegians. See the randomly selected resident profile on the following page.


Technically only those businesses on the north side of Layton were within the Wilson Park boundaries. They also offer towing services such as Wilson Park towing company with a high-quality service. You can expect them in just one call! They also have many things to do to enjoy your free day.