Kids Activities Near Copernicus Park

There’s no shortage of things to love about Copernicus Park, but it can feel like work to find activities that are loved by kids, easy on us, and well worth our family time.

Get Muddy!

Mud just might be the most powerful tool for fun learning we’ve got. Bring a container of water outdoors and find even a little spot of open dirt. Decrease, as well as just take pleasure in the making with each other. Spill some water, act astonished, keep going.

Put a Smile on a Tree

Look around with your child to find a tree to love. Look, feel and even listed to your tree. Give it a name based on what you love about it. We still love our “Mr. Lumpy Bumpy.” Wonder how your special tree is really feeling.

Nature’s Car Wash

Let your favorite transportation toys come out and get muddy, too—how liberating! Then, grab a bucket and water and let kids add Earth-friendly non-toxic soap and make suds. Invite the toys, cars, and trucks to the nature car wash. Not only will kids get lost in scrubbing, but the combination of messy mud and sudsy soap also activates multiple senses and even calms kids down. 

Set Colors Free!

Open play with materials that wow the senses drive creativity, and it’s easier than you think to create a kid-driven masterpiece together. 

Take the Moon for a Walk

There is so much to learn from walks at night. The unique sensory stimulation, time out with you, and the chance to bend the rules of bedtime. Combining that with the cool air and new nighttime noises are exhilarating. Share with them that it’s time to take the moon for a walk and ask them to gather flashlights or lanterns.


This one is always a favorite for kids and adults too. You’ll need bubble juice, twigs, a bucket, and pipe cleaners. If kids are old enough, they can help you figure out how to make different sized bubble makers with the pipe cleaners and twigs.

Except for the above things, there are a lot more for your kids. You can also bring them to watch some historic sites with you. It could be an amazing moment for your little kids as well as your family.