History of the Town of Lake

The Town of Lake has a nice history to read on. Let’s have a discussion on it. Tippecanoe was a truck farming district centered around the intersection of Howell and Howard where Morgan, Howard, Burdick, and Austin families operated farms that supplied fruits, vegetables and grains to Milwaukee. Pioneers started developing the area in 1838 and truck farming continued after World War II, but by 1960 most of the greenhouses were gone. Tippecanoe boundaries are Morgan Avenue (north), Layton Avenue (south), Sixth Street (west) and St. Francis (east).

Tippecanoe owes its name to John Saveland, who established two subdivisions north of Howard Avenue; Lincoln Park subdivision was west of Howell Avenue and Bunker Hill was east of Howell Avenue. He hoped that they would become residential suburbs. Around 1891, Saveland moved to Lincoln Park where his house still stands at 3723 South First Street next to Saveland Park. 

In 1893 he opened Tippecanoe amusement hall (site of present-day Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church) and Tippecanoe Lake (present-day Saveland Park). He even persuaded the streetcar owners to extend their line out into the country to his subdivisions. By choosing the name Tippecanoe, Saveland was stating his party preference, but the name soon included the entire area around Howell and Howard Avenues. Saveland liked the Tippecanoe name with its link to Head of state Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893). President Harrison, as well as Saveland, were both Republicans. Harrison’s grandpa, William Henry Harrison had actually been Head of state in 1841. He was the hero of the Fight of Tippecanoe in 1811 and also his project motto “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!” was a suggestion of his battle exploits and included the name of his running mate John Tyler. The Town of Lake towing company is open to serve their best in your times of need. They are always ready to help you in no time to get your back on the road.

The town of Lake has many activities that they can offer you. So, come and visit now!