Towing in Copernicus Park

Having difficulties with your vehicle in the area of Copernicus Park? Not sure what to do and looking for the best assistance? Frustrated at whom to call or which towing company is the most reliable in a time of need? These are common problems amongst clients who need immediate or urgent care and aren’t sure where to turn to. To avoid these frustrations and uncertainties, you can trust your local towing company to do the job.

Towing in Copernicus Park, we’re more than the city’s trusted towers, we’re your friends! In times of need, you shouldn’t be struggling with whom to call or worried about how you’ll get your vehicle troubles solved. With our professional towing services and roadside assistance, we take care of the hard work for you. If you’re in a crisis or your vehicles recently broke down somewhere unknown, give us a call so we can bring our services straight to you. We’ve combined our knowledge for vehicle care with our expertise in towing to deliver a range of vehicle products that can help you out when they’re needed most. 

Our towing and wrecker services have been designed with you in mind. We’ve composed a list of our most commonly-requested services and built them into the practices that help us serve the Copernicus Park area. Anything from standard tow services to roadside assistance to even parking enforcement, we’re the ones that can give you what you want and at a low price. If you find yourself in need of car services or stranded without someone to call for help, don’t hesitate to give us a ring – we’re no stranger to such scenarios! You will be pleased to hear that, we operate a 24-hour service to those clients who are in need of Towing Services Copernicus Park after hours. 

Here are some towing tips for you:

* Ensure your vehicle is capable of towing. Your manual will give you the information in regard to your vehicle’s capacity of being able to tow. The manual will also tell you the maximum weight that your vehicle can safely tow.

* When you are hitching up to your vehicle, ensure that the tow ball and the trailer hitch fit well. This will prevent the hitch from falling off the tow ball if you end up going over some bumpy terrain.

* Once you’ve connected the lights cable from the caravan/trailer to your vehicle, ensure you test the lights. We want you to be as safe as possible and it would be incredibly unsafe if other motorists can’t see your brake lights when you are slowing down or stopping.

* After you’ve loaded up your caravan/trailer, have a look at the load to make sure there’s nothing hanging outside its parameters. Not only is this dangerous for other motorists, but it could also be illegal. If you’re towing a trailer, cover your load with a tarp and firmly secure.

* Check the tyres to ensure they’re holding the weight of your load and aren’t deflating.