Copernicus Park Resources

Copernicus Park is a neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a population of 1,322. Copernicus Park is in Milwaukee County. Living in Copernicus Park offers residents a sparse urban feel and most residents own their homes. In Copernicus Park, there are a lot of parks. They also have towing services for the residents of Copernicus Park.

Copernicus Park is a moderate-density neighborhood. Home architectural styles are mainly

1950s/1960s ranch houses and Cape Cods, with a scattering of Tudor style homes. The neighborhood topography is hilly with a few steep hills. Most of the streets follow a grid pattern, except for a few winding thoroughfares such as South 22nd and Klein Avenue that curve around the southern border of Copernicus Park. The business district is along South 27th Street–one of the major commercial corridors in the city. The street teems with fast-food restaurants, strip malls, and car dealerships that will surely have many things to do. The main green space is Copernicus Park. The park is a 20-acre commons with a

basketball court, tot lot, wooded area with a hiking trail, and a stream that runs through the park. 

Copernicus Park is one far south side neighborhood among many that makeup today’s Garden District. The boundaries of the Garden District are those of the 13th Aldermanic District. All Garden District neighborhoods were once part of the Town of Lake, with boundaries of Lake Michigan to South 27th Street and Greenfield to College Avenues. By the mid-1950s, the City of Milwaukee had annexed the areas that today encompasses the Garden District.